Top Five Professionals To Look For In A Video Production Company

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When businesses attempt to take their brand image a notch higher, they generally seek a team of experts to produce an all-encompassing video. Each creative professional, whether it is a photographer or editor, merge their skillset and contribute to the overall look and feel of a video. They ultimately form the backbone of a video production company. 

However, more often than not, some video production agencies do not have one or more of these individuals on their team and end up presenting clients with low-quality visuals or a mediocre video. Therefore, before enlisting the services of a video production company, it is vital to first learn about the various professionals that make up the team. 

To increase your knowledge of the team you are considering and hire the right agency to fulfill your goals, here’s a list of the top five professionals to look for in a video production company.

1. Video producer
Check if the company has an experienced video producer that orchestrates the production process from beginning to end. A video producer is vital as they write scripts, set budgets and deadlines, coordinate logistics, and assist with creative direction.

2. Media specialist
Find out if a dedicated media specialist is part of the team. A media specialist takes charge of laying out specialized equipment and empowers others on the team to use audio-visuals and professional media software.

3. Aerial photographer/videographer
Look for a video production agency that offers aerial and videography services. Taking a bird’s eye view with a drone will enhance the final product, and is excellent for commercial advertising and artistic projects.

4. Camera operator
A camera operator should have the expertise of shooting with various lenses and capture a wide range of footage. They should also have a creative vision as well as understand lighting and locations. 

5. Video editor
A video editor edits raw footage and pieces it together in sequence, making them an integral part of a media company. The quality of their editing can make or break a production, so make sure you check out their credentials. 

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